Fairhaven Care Centres is an accredited level 3 residential service. It provides supported accommodation for people who need some assistance in daily living. The 3 levels relate to accommodation, food and access to personal care services. Fairhaven also provides supervision of medication.

Fairhaven facilities promote an atmosphere of peace, relaxation, independence and dignity. Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in community activities which staff can arrange with service providers on request.

Fairhaven have single or share rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Meals are served in a common dining area. Residents are strongly encouraged to personalise their own space to make their area, their own.

All meals are provided as part of the fortnightly tariff as well as personal laundry. Staff supervise medication and can assist with personal care if necessary. A doctor visits the site at least weekly and other appointments for doctors, allied health professionals or specialists can be arranged.


Fairhaven assesses each person who applies for supported accommodation on a case by case basis. The assessment is based on how the facility and its staff can best meet the resident's needs whilst providing them with a quality lifestyle. If this cannot be achieved, then the application is rejected.

Most people who live at a Fairhaven facility require some assistance in daily living. They may have been experiencing difficulty living independently within the general community. Most of Fairhaven's residents have one or more of the following:

  • Mild mental illness
  • Acquired brain injury 
  • Mild to moderate intellectual disability
  • Dementia
  • Permanent physical disability
  • Age related illness
  • Aged, but requiring low level care as per an Aged Care Assessment 
  • Alcohol related dementia

To find out further information or to discuss suitability please contact one of the facilities directly.

Toowoomba Forms
  Toowoomba Printable application for residency form

Pine Mountain Forms
  Pine Mountain Printable application for residency form